Melbourne Public Transport

The network of bus, trains and trams almost covers each corner of the city. If you want to touch something romatic, the o-bike can also a good choice for you to enjoy the life.



There are more and more people choose public transport to go out instead of the personal cars. The following is the most popular three public transports now in city.



This is one of the popular public transport system which is a shared bike system help the user go anywhere at anytime.


A wide coverage of network with scheduled time which easily takes you around Melbourne.


Usually it around the city area from early morning to late night.


A large capacity with fast speed for you.

Reasons why you should use public transport

Encourages people to have a more active healthy lifestyle

Public transport is a low pollution rate of transport, which is conducive to environmental protection.

Saving money & Time

The Coalition Government would build the biggest transformation of public transport in Victoria
Denis Napthine,

Premier, 2014

Melbourne Rail Link